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High Performing


For Maximum

Return On Investment

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High Performing


For Maximum

Return On Investment

Buying Intentions

& Sentiment

For Maximum

Return On Investment

Shared Audience


For Maximum

Return On Investment

First AI-driven Business Intelligence Tool

focused on finding influencers based on ROI

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Focus on ROI

Find the highest performing influencers across the whole of Instagram, so you can make the best choice for achieving the highest possible ROI for your brand, based on hard data

Creator BI Key Features


Social Search & Extensive Filtering

Identify high performing influencers & posts

across the whole of Instagram

Filter by engagement rate, amount of followers,

tagged accounts, hashtags, keywords and buying intent

Media value

Identify the total media value of a creator and the media value per post or reel, to have a clear insight and focus on ROI

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Buying Intentions & Sentiment

Identify how many comments below specific posts contain buying intentions, to determine the economic value of an influencer and focus on ROI

Similar Creators & Shared Audiences

Identify similar influencers with shared audiences for setting up high performing campaigns, to have the most impact on your target audience and to achieve the best possible ROI



Create segments based on your criteria, to identify and automatically add high performing influencers and posts to your segment. These segments are updated automatically every 24 hours

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Maximize your Return On Investment

from your influencer campaigns

By finding the best performing influencers for your brand with our AI-driven Business Intelligence Tool

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